The Last Grift

As the minutes tick down on 45’s days in DC, so do his last chance at a major grift as President. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he solicited funds from his supporters to supposedly pay for his fight for the election, but now it is reported that he is “selling” pardons. Allegedly various criminals begging for a pardon have been told by a Guliani associate that a pardon will cost $2million. I guess to some big time criminals, like el Chapo, $2 Million is doable.

It will be interesting to see who gets a pardon in the waning hours. If they are rich we should see if any money changed hands.

I feel like the pardon power is something that should be revisited. A president can not pardon someone who was involved in a crime that involved that President, but we should t have a President who was involved in any crimes in the first place.

President’s should not be allowed to pardon their family members or preemptively pardon anyone. It seems like all pardons should have to be approved by more than just the President and they certainly should not be allowed to make money on pardons.

It is no surprise that the team of Rudy and 45 could come up with this last big grift. It is just one more reason the guy needs to be removed from ever running for national office again.

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