Impeachment Part Deux

I watched the house impeachment debate and vote today. It was a kind of cinéma vérité. Whose truth all depended on which party you belonged to.

There were somethings I found outrageous:

The congressman who said, we have not had hearings, we don’t know what happened. Hey Buddy, it happened to you at your house. How do you not know what happened?

The Republicans who said they were worried for their safety. How do you think Black and Brown Americans have felt for the last umpteenth years?

Then there were the chorus of Republicans asking in the name of unity that they not impeach. Yes, now that you have lost control of everything you want unity. When Mitch McConnell was in charge of the Senate he refused to let any bills come to the floor. Where was the call for unity for the last four years.

Things I agreed with where the people who said, if we don’t hold a leader responsible for lying about losing an election, inviting his supporters to come to the Capitol and telling them to March to stop the steal of that election and telling them to fight and then when they break in, and smash up the place you have five people die. I don’t know what you would impeach someone for if not for that. Attempting to over throw your own government, is fairly clear as the number one reason to impeach, if not throw them in jail.

Rahm Emanuel said it best, “if you have a disease it can’t be healed until you get rid of the infection first.” Donald Trump is the infection. As long as he is not held accountable he will continue to poison the country.

I am not saying that if he is found guilty that the divisiveness will end, but perhaps it will give republicans a chance to come back to having more integrity and finding their core values, rather than being dominated by the fringe.

I am tired of the mantra from the Trump side being about the 75 million who voted for him. What about the 80 million who voted for Biden. Biden has done anything but gloat about winning. He is trying to lower the temperature and is concentrating on healing us, literally and figuratively.

The impeachment vote passed with ten republicans crossing over to vote for it. Four republicans did not vote at all, which is the ultimate in cowardly. I think there is a lot more evidence of the attack on the Capitol was an organized, planned assault. If the Senate can wait a bit to have the trial with more reporting from the FBI perhaps it will be easier for republicans to uphold their oath to constitution and find Trump guilty. Susan Collins, do you really think Trump learned his lesson at the last impeachment?

A real long shot is for a group of Republican senators to go to the President and tell him that he is going to be found guilty and get him to resign. He has never admitted guilt to anything so I doubt that would happen. I also don’t thing that would prevent him from running again, so I don’t think that serves us well, including the republicans who are furious that the money spigot has been turned off because of the insurrection.

It has been a really long year already. So far I think 2021 is trying to outdo 2020.

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