So to give me a sense of control in my world, I took to washing all my windows. This is a job I hate doing, but I love the results. With 60 windows I had to spread the job out over a few days, but it was what I needed to do as I listened to political wrangling.

When the sparkle and shine of Christmas was put away and the horrid year that was 2020 was in the rear view mirror I was hoping for 2021 to bring forth something hopeful and bright. Fourteen days in and on a day-by-day average 2021 has been worse than 2020, but as we add more days we can lower the average to try and be an overall better than last.

As I sat in my house the past few days with the fog of our political strife hanging all around me I was over taken by my own dirt. Literally, how dirty my windows were. The film of dust and grime that had clung to the panes was all I could see now that there were no decorations to distract my eye.

I knew I only could do the insides so I called for reinforcements to do the outside. Today four tiny men came with many tall ladders and they washed every pane, sill, screen and storm on the outside. They also blew every pine needle and leaf off the roof.

Although nothing changed in the world outside, my view from inside is greatly improved. I can see clearly and without haze. The sun is shining and the sky has been the perfect shade of Carolina blue. It is the dawning of a cleaner day that I need.

I know that these perfect windows will not last. That stormy days and smokey cooking will start to slowly discolor my colorless view. But for today, I have a respite from all the dirt has to throw at me.

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