Sitting is Shit

I don’t have a life where I have to sit all day. I don’t have a job that requires me to be in meetings all day. I don’t spend that much time on Zoom, and when I do it is usually for some fun reason. Today was not a normal day for me. I had a mediation that was an all day thing on zoom. I can’t say what or who it was for, but I can say that I had to sit in one place for the better part of the day. That was hard.

I have new found respect for my poor husband who sits at his home office desk for anywhere from ten to fifteen hours a day. I know this is the world most people live in now, but sitting is the shits.

Sitting is exhausting. I would take working in the kitchen and standing up for twelve hours over sitting in one place for six hours any day. This and I have no form of ADHD a or ADA, or any of those A’s at all. I can not imagine how people who are in the least bit hyper do it at all.

Now I have a great old Herman Miller office chair and it is as comfortable as any chair in our house, but there is something about sitting in one place. The worst thing is I was sitting in the room with my walking desk, but I couldn’t walk on it and be on the zoom at the same time.

To all you desk jockeys, you do not get enough credit for what you do. I am thrilled this mediation got finished today because I don’t think I could have sat there another day. Tomorrow, a lot more walking.

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