My Cautious Child Is Home

Carter choose not to come home for Thanksgiving, making that decision months before the actual holiday. She said that it was too risky to fly when others would also be flying. I was happy to zoom for Turkey day and stay safe.

Carter determined that flying today would be a good choice in terms of the lowest numbers of travelers. Any students who came back to college in Boston are still there as exams are just beginning. Carter also opted for the middle of the day flight thinking it would be the lightest.

She has free Covid testing at school so she was tested yesterday and was negative, but in a belt and suspenders kind of way she went and got tested again today. That negative test result came back tonight.

Carter went to the airport and took this photo of the practically empty terminal. She said she counted only 10 people in the whole place. I can hardly remember a time when I could get a seat in the gate area at Logan.

Carter texted me as they boarded the plane, all 20 of them on a plane that holds 150. She had her own row with no one in front of her and everyone wore masks the whole time. I picked her up from an empty RDU sidewalk and she sat in the back seat with her mask on an me with mine.

Now she is home social distancing, but at least she is home. She has been gone for six months and I think that is the longest we have gone without seeing each other. She will be here three weeks and since we can’t go anyplace else we will see each other a lot, if at a distance for a while. She still is working full time and has a couple papers to write so she will be occupied.

The weirdness of 2020 continues, but at least the vaccine was approved today and we can see progress towards normality way off in the distance.

One Comment on “My Cautious Child Is Home”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    Thank you and Carter for following an appropriate standard for conducting yourselves during the time of the pandemic. I’m afraid this will be the norm for 2021.

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