Good Grooming At Last

Before the Pandemic hit our regular dog groomer changed professions. Then, we didn’t want to leave the house. That left us with the home grooming options. We bought clippers and Carter spent a good three hours washing and cutting Shay one day in June. She did a good job, but three hours…

After Carter went back to Boston it was back to my grooming. I was already busy taking care of trimming Russ’ beard and hair. He is so much more obedient than Shay. I knew Shay needed a real haircut.

A neighbor who also has labradoodles had a mobile grooming truck in her driveway one day. I asked her if she liked them. “Yes, but expensive.” At this point I had already saved a fortune in grooming or lack of grooming so I called. It took a few weeks to get an opening but today was the day.

When the door bell rang, Shay ran and opened it, a new trick she has learned. She was out on the front porch greeting Jeffery her new hairdresser. I walked with them down to the driveway where his Mercedes Sprinter van grooming truck sat. Shay was not too sure about getting in, but I assured her by having her pose for her before photo and taking a picture of the license plate in case Jeffery decided that Shay was a keeper.

Two hours after entering the van a fluffy “Steiff Like stuffed animal” sweet Shay emerged. She pranced around the house, showing off her new look. Jeffrey reported her good behavior, but dislike for the hairdryer. This was something I already knew. Groomers should get the silent Dyson hair dryers, especially if they have Mercedes Vans.

So now we have a full on princess back in the house. It’s amazing what a real haircut will do for you.

3 Comments on “Good Grooming At Last”

  1. Mary Few says:

    Good evening! While not related to your post I do have a food pantry question. In this strange 2020 year, it’s a good reminder that there is actually nothing I need and I’ve been inspired by your buying less and I’m trying to stick with it.
    So, I do have friends and family who want to get me something for the holidays.
    I would really like to refer them to make a donation instead of a gift.
    Is there a way to donate either through the Food Bank or elsewhere to send donations for the kids in need in Durham?
    I know it has been and remains difficult getting these kids fed every day and it just hurts my heart.
    I would much rather see a gift to them. I want to truly give thanks for all I already have and help those who don’t. I figured you would be the expert on doing this.
    Thanks! Mary

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