Introducing YOUZEY

When Covid hit my brilliant sister Janet was unsure how her business would fare. She mostly makes gift boxed beauty sets for department store and with the world shut down she did not know what the Christmas orders from retailers would be like. She is a small woman owned business who employees almost all women whose families are dependent on Janet’s business.

So what did Janet do, but pivot. She and her partner Sophie, created a new online accessory business. As Janet has so many contacts in the manufacturing world, who were also worried about where they could sell their products it was the perfect marriage. So I’d like to introduce you to

It is a fun site of perfect stocking stuffers and fun gifts for the young people in your life or the fashion forward young at heart. You can join Club Youzey and get free shipping.

One of the products Janet has sold for years is the Travelo fragrance atomizers. If you ever wanted to take a small amount of your at home perfume with you on the go this is the thing to get. It uses special technology that allows you to fill your Travelo with the atomizer of your at home bottle of perfume. The fanciest one is the Travelo Milano, which makes a lovely gift for your most discerning friend.

There are a ton of cute Watches and jewelry. And fun things like fake fur cuffs to change up the look of your old plain coat, if just for the night.

Take a look at the site and join Club Youzey. I can’t wait to hear what you like. Janet is sure to be adding new products all the time as she is chomping at the bit to get back on the road in search of the next fun accessory.

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