The Supervisor

Shay and her constant companion Russ are never far apart. For the last nine months we have called Shay the supervisor, because she is by Russ’ side 24 hours a day. She has beds strategically spread out around his home office so she can crack the work whip from every vantage point.

Weekends are a little different. Russ still works all-day, everyday, but does not have to sit at his desk on Zoom calls. Shay has figured out that on Weekends she can dictate which of her beds she would like to supervisor from. When she can, she likes to spend time on her favorite big bed in the kitchen and has taken to forcing Russ to work from that bed.

These photos were taken on different days, but they tell the story of the iron fist of the supervisor perfectly. I have a feeling that when Russ is finally able to go back to the office the supervisor is going to demand a few new beds at the office. Russ has really let this new found power she has go to her head.

One Comment on “The Supervisor”

  1. Sally Peck Tieger says:

    Love it!!!!

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