Science is Back

Regardless of who you voted for it is good news that Biden had created a Covid task force full of smart Professionals in the Science fields. Even if you voted for Trump, you too will benefit from people who use science and might actually be able to end this pandemic.

The exciting news from Pfizer about the successful phase II trial of their vaccine is the second best news of the month of November. We still have to wait for the safety tests and hopefully those too will go well. Setting us up to vaccinate the whole country or at least the smart people who believe in science.

Sadly, science could not save Alex Trebeck any longer. Pancreatic cancer is still tough. Hopefully when we get through this pandemic we can go back to fully funding our government backed research on things like cancer and climate change. We have a lot of big issues facing the world that have been put on hold the last four years. Science matters. To all you scientists who have felt threatened, come out of the darkness and enlighten the rest of us on what you discover. We need you, we appreciate you.

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