Quilting is an Act of Love

When I got the call, later in the evening than I usually take calls, I knew I had to say yes. A friend of mine from church, who is older than I am, asked if I could help her with a quilt she couldn’t finish. Working on someone else’s quilt is usually not a good idea. Saying Yes to a project sight unseen is usually a really bad idea.

Quilting is a highly personal thing as an art and it can also be a very precise thing, so taking pieces someone else has made can be fraught with problems. What if the pieces are not squared, what if there are not enough of them, what if they don’t hang together color wise, what if they are poorly stitched, an the list can go on and on.

The next day Carol emailed me photos of her squares. They were beautiful hand appliquéd Dresden plates made from fabric she and her husband Jack bought on a trip to South Africa seven years ago. She had carefully picked out just the right patterns for the pieces and had lovingly sewn them and then got stuck about how to create a quilt with them. She told me the squares sat for a few years while she discussed the possibilities with various quilters.

The photo Carol sent me of her squares

After following this blog Carol decided she wanted me to finish her quilt. She offered me money. There is no amount of money I could ever ask for to finish someone else’s quilt. It is an act of love to do it and I told her so.

So I took her squares. She wanted a queen sized quilt, but did not have enough squares to make one so big. I came up with a solution and proposed it to her. She gave me free reign to pick the fabric and create the pattern as I saw fit. I told her that getting the quilting done was not going to be cheep as I wanted it quilted in a special way by my long arm quilter Tina at Studio-T. Carol said go ahead. So after I finished piecing her perfect squares with the fabric I picked to frame them Tina quilted it in a way that honored Carol’s Dresden Plates and ensured that the quilt would be usable everyday on a bed.

The finished quilt

I put a binding on the quilt made out of the same material as the frames so that Carol’s work would be the star of the quilt. When I showed it to her she cried. Even her husband Jack appreciated it. It was a wonderful collaboration to work on this beautiful work of art.

Carol kept asking me what she could do for me and I said nothing. Then she surprised me in the biggest way. She and Jack are making donations to the Food Bank and our church fo $5,000 in honor of this quilt. That just blew me away. Then on top of that Carol gave me an envelope with a generous check for me as a gift. She is very stubborn and told me not to argue with her. It was certainly unnecessary, but very nice.

Carol, after crying when she first saw it quilted

Sometimes you just say yes to a project because you want to help someone else have their dream come true and that is what I did. I never in a million years expected anything for doing it. I hope that Carol and Jack love their quilt for eternity. I loved doing this for them.

2 Comments on “Quilting is an Act of Love”

  1. bernieLynne says:

    You created a wonderful quilt from her idea. Her amazing donation was icing on the cake because as you said “we do it for the love”. Well done.

  2. Carol Walker says:

    Well I guess I am famous now! We slept under it last night.

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