I Need an “I Voted” Button

No, I haven’t voted yet. I’m planning on doing early in-person voting as I do every year. I always vote as early as possible, but then I feel like I should qualify for some kind of magical button that removes all political ads and messages from my life.

I know that if I could invent this I could become a billionaire overnight. Who wouldn’t pay five or ten dollars to stop being bombarded by political ads. I feel like they are not held to the same advertising standards of truth that other ads are and that’s a shame.

In this very polarized year I am not sure there are as many undecided voters as there are ads. Imagine if all that money could be channeled into something more productive. Yes, in most years there are many races where people have no idea who is running or what positions different candidates take is on the issues, but not this year. It is a good thing that more people are paying attention to who they may be voting for. Even better that more people are voting than ever before.

I heard today that in NC we usually have just over 100,000 absentee ballot requests and this year we have over a million. Some years we are lucky if a million people vote by any means.

There are four weeks and a day until Election Day. I guess I am going to only watch Netflix and amazon for that whole time so I can stop being bombarded by so much false advertising. Don’t bother to show me another ad, my mind was made up long ago.

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