45’s Joy Ride

While so many in this country, those who like and dislike the President, wish him and the First Lady a speedy recovery, 45 pulls a stupid move today. While convalescing at Walter Reed Army Hospital Trump gets the secret service to drive him around outside the hospital so he can wave to the crowds outside the hospital. For a man who is in the throws of Covid to expose all his secret service agents to possible infection for a joy ride to bolster his ego is the ultimate in selfishness and disregard for human kind.

The rule is if you have been with someone who has tested positive then you must quarantine for 14 days. Do these agents have to now quarantine? How many secret service agents will be out of commission if the President keeps doing this? Could he possibly run out of agents? Do they have any choice about being around this man-child who does not think of others?

Good will from the American people can only go so far. Yes, people are sorry you got Covid, even if you flouted the science, but people will not give you a pass if you keep exposing others to the virus now that you know you have it. Stop acting on your every whim, be an adult. Waiving at people is not an essential act.

One Comment on “45’s Joy Ride”

  1. beth says:

    he just won’t stop

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