Even the Dogs Are Stir Crazy

We are with our friends Lane and Jon and their three dogs. Shay is here too so that makes four dogs. Shay knows Clementine, Petunia and Rosie well enough that they get along fine, but you can imagine when one barks, they all have to get in on the action.

Shay, Rosie and Petunia are dogs that stick with their humans fairly well. Then there is Clementine. If she can escape the house she is going to make a run of it and no amount of cookie promises will get her to come back. Today I inadvertently let her escape and she was out. Shay and Russ went after her, and she would run with Shay back to the end of the driveway and just stand there, defiant in her stance to not be caught.

Lane tried to throw her the ball and nothing worked until Jon suggested Lane throw the ball into the neighbor’s fenced in yard with the gate open and Clem ran in after it and Lane was able to shut the gate and catch her. I promised I will not make the mistake of letting her escape again.

Later in the day we took the boat to the fish store with all the dogs on board in their life jackets. Jon and I went to wait in line for the store, as they only let five customers in at a time. Lane and Russ hung with the dogs in the boat, until Shay demanded to be potty walked. As Russ rounded the store with Shay on a leash from the water side to the parking lot side. Jon and I were standing there was suddenly a very loud and constant car horn honking. It wasn’t a little beep beep, or intermittent, but a heavy handed lay on. Didn’t stop, it just kept on and we realized it was coming from the car right in front of us.

As it went on and on we finally saw that it was a dog in the car who was honking at Shay until she passed by the car and went to the side to pee, not giving any mind to the other dog or the honking. The dog let off the horn and went to the side window to continue trying to get Shay’s attention by barking. Shay still didn’t flinch. She is Lady enough not to let some greaser head dog get her attention.

I think that even the dogs are stir crazy.

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