Great Day Here

Today we are ignoring all the shit in the world and just celebrating the one and only Russ Lange since it is his day. No amount of crazy news can outshine the importance of the day that Russ came into the world.

Born on an army base he was a real bargain as the bill for his delivery was only $2.75. I clearly think that he is worth a trillion more than that. We are thankful that our friends Lane and Jon invited us to celebrate Russ’ birthday with them. Lane even got Russ a special cake that we were all too full to enjoy tonight.

Another exciting thing happened in our family today. My cousin Sarah’s husband, Mark, who is closer than a cousin to us was sworn in as a district court judge in Wake County today. Due to Covid it was a small ceremony, but it was taped so we could watch it. Russ and I lay in bed watching the ceremony and listening to Mark give his speech after taking his oath of office on his two grandmother’s bibles. I can think of no one more suited to be a judge than Mark. He is fair and reasoned and will serve the people of Wake county well. Congratulations to him on his big day. We will always remember what day he became a judge since he shares it with Russ’ birthday.

So for our family today was not dominated by bad news, but with exciting and good news. Hooray for Russ and Congratulations Mark.

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