I Tempted Fate and Lost

I have been making good progress on my wall. I ordered 20 yards of fill dirt that were due to come at 1:00 today. The wall is held together by weight of the blocks, a lip on the back of each block and the fact that it is steped into the earth behind it. Back filling the wall as I build is very important. I knew this. I have been doing it using both drainage rock, which is very heavy and shoveling dirt from my existing garden, which is exhausting.

I got too cocky, and as I waited for for the fill dirt to arrive, I just kept building since I was on my last course. You know what happens to cocky people, they fail. (At least that is what I am hopping happens in November). So a huge four course section of the wall fell into the middle. Since I have used adhesive on the last two courses they were stuck together.

It was heart breaking, but not unrecoverable. I replaced two courses and went back to Lowe’s for more drainage rock. I left the blocks that were glued together where they fell as they acted as a good barricade for me to fill in with the rocks. I moved 2,500 pounds of rocks and stacked 1,680 pounds of block today.

Then my fill dirt arrived. 20 yards is a lot of dirt. They did a good job of dropping it where I need it in two different loads. I shoveled about 2 yards worth and felt like the wall is well supported for now. I had worked for five and a half hours non-stop with my only rest being driving to and from Lowe’s. I knew I had to stop or else I would be no good tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will probably just shovel dirt for four hours and not worry about finishing the wall until I have enough backfill supporting every course. If only I had waited I would not have lost basically a day of work. This is what I get for being impatient. Thankfully I have plenty of block. The silver lining is I got an incredible core work out. Unfortunately I will finish the wall before I get look like I worked this hard.

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  1. dee7064 says:

    Oh nooooo!! I hate that for you! You’re gonna have a right arm muscle when you finish just like I had when we completed our year-long trip on our boat! Throwing the lines multiple times a day and heaving an anchor gave me a right arm just like Popeye!! It was something I was proud of too—I had “earned it”!! 👏👏👏 Hope you’re not pushing too hard too…🙏🙏 D

    Diane Wade – Sent from my iPhone


  2. bernieLynne says:

    Holy moly — that sucks! But yes filling as you go would have been prudent. I am often impatient to move to the next step but my other half slows me down and makes sure we take all the right steps at the right time (yes he’s an engineer). Good luck with finishing it.

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