Last Block

I think I laid my last block on my wall this morning. This does not mean I am finished, but not having to move blocks is great news in my book. I estimate I have shoveled about 15-16 of my 20 yards of fill dirt into the wall cavity. That leaves me 4-5 more yards to shovel.

Fill dirt is heavy clay and is hard to shovel. Now that I have already moved the dirt that was closest to the hole into it That leaves me with the dirt that is farther away. I am not quite strong enough to throw the dirt far enough to get it where I want it. I feel a little bit like a prisoner working on a chain gang. I hope that I can finish with the shoveling in the next two days. I am not sure how good I will be at leveling it out. I mostly hope I don’t need to add another course to the wall.

I still have some blocks left and have a few places I need to put them, especially to make some steps next to the garden. I may never be done with building walls, but building steps will be a new challenge to take on.

The completion of the wall does not mean the end of my garden project, just the first third. I still have to build the deer fence and the raised beds, but nothing will be as hard as building the wall.

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