There, But By The Grace Of God

As a southerner I have often heard people say, “There, but by the grace of God, go I,” when referring to someone else’s misfortune. For the record, I believe in God. I feel that I have God’s Grace because he is a loving and generous God and that I did nothing to earn it. I also believe that we ALL have God’s Grace. Not just people who believe or act a certain way, everyone.

I wonder if the people who say “by the Grace if God,” are thinking that God actually makes a choice, spare them, don’t spare someone else. This is not what I believe. Despite having Grace, we all have luck, good and bad. We also have free will and sometimes things are our own making.

Many things that happen in our life were decided for us. Who our parents are, where we were born, when we were born, which teacher we had in first grade, all things that go into making us who we are.

Then there are the decisions we made along the way, who was your best friend, who did you marry, what job did you do, how do you chose to spend your time. Change any one of these things and your whole story changes.

So God graces you, but so much of the path you take is of your own making, both good and bad. It is up to each of to work hard to make good decisions, do right by each other, offer a helping hand. You can’t depend on grace to protect you, just like you can’t blame God when bad things happen to you. Just remember, “it’s not all about you.”

If you dodge a bullet, it probably was luck. You might not always be so lucky so look out for yourself and for others. That is probably what God would like you to do, then you are displaying grace.

One Comment on “There, But By The Grace Of God”

  1. Mary Few says:

    I don’t think this theological but I have always thought of grace as something you must seek out with your free will, not something that is granted to anyone. You must seek it.
    It is about free will and choices. When I have said this I actually meant thank goodness I didn’t go down that path and I’m not even sure why I didn’t except to say I made different decisions.

    I firmly believe that God gave us all free will in spite of the fact that he knew it would bring him pain. But sometimes most of us get it right at least some of the time.

    Except the deplorables and I don’t know what to think of them except that maybe God and Satan are currently playing chess? I would really like to hear checkmate about now.
    Great post!

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