No More Driving

I was away from home 36 hours, 24 of them I spent driving. That was a slog.

Last night Carter generously volunteered that I could sleep in her bed rather than on her pull out sofa bed. I gladly took her up on that offer knowing that I needed a good night’s sleep to make the quick turn around trip alone back from Boston.

It was sad not to be able to spend anytime in New England while I was dropping Carter off. It was even sadder to drive straight home by myself. I woke up at 5:15 and was pulling away from Carter’s at 5:45. I felt OK leaving her there as everyone we saw on the street was wearing masks, even those people riding bikes and running. No wonder the state’s Covid numbers have gone way down, especially when most of the country’s are going the other direction.

I had driven the twenty year old Land Cruiser up to a Boston since Carter had a bunch of stuff to bring back. I was thrilled that the old tank made the trip without incident. The only issue was the amount of gas it took and the fact that it does not have any blue tooth capability or Sirius radio. I listened to pod casts on the return trip, but missed my traveling companion.

The traffic was bad in lots of places. I am not sure how much quarantining is going on.

The only excitement on the whole trip was around Ashland Va. I passed a couple of guys towing a Ford Country Squire station wagon. It was the exact model, except for the color, as the new car my father brought home on my fifth birthday.

About twenty minutes later when I stopped for gas, the Country Squire crew pulled into the gas station to put air in the trailer tires. I took a photo of the car and then asked the gentlemen what year it was. It was the same year as my parent’s Navy station wagon. Nick and Andrew, were the guys names and we talked about cars. They told me they had commented on my classic land cruiser when I passed them on the road. Turned out Andrew had a website called corvair wild and I told him that both my grandmother and father had covairs. It was a good social distancing break in my boring drive.

When I finally pulled in the driveway at home Shay and Russ come out of the garage to welcome me home. Well, Russ welcomed me. Shay went to the Land Cruiser to welcome Carter. She stood there for quite a while waiting for her to emerge from the car. Disappointed, she gave up and came and said hi to me. I think it is going to take a while before we are used to Carter being gone again.

One Comment on “No More Driving”

  1. jane carter says:

    im oh so glad you arehome

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