Home Again, Home Again

Up at five in the morning, Carter and I pulled out of the driveway at 5:45. Three stops for gas/bathroom/food in 12 hours and we pulled up to Carter’s apartment in Boston. The drive was not as easy today as it was when I picked her up in March. That trip only took 10 and a quarter hours which was an unheard record as I was practically the only car on the road that day.

Upon entering Carter’s apartment the first thing we noticed is that a set of three hanging pots and fallen off the wall and broken all over the floor, then we noticed one of her lama painting had fallen off the wall, but not hurt. Then we went in the kitchen. Something was not right. There were fruit flies all over the fridge. Then Carter opened the freezer. Thankfully she shut it quickly.

The traffic today was not terrible except in Connecticut, but not as bad as the normal I -95 traffic. I was able to get a parking space right in front of Carter’s building as we started the unpacking.

Apparently her fridge stopped working sometime in the last four months. She called her management company and they said it would be Monday or Tuesday before they could get her a new fridge.

So Carter and I went to the True Value down the street. I got bug spray and heavy duty tape. We cleaned up all the bugs and I taped the fridge shut all the way around. The only good news is Carter had some sour dough starter she was worried might have exploded all over her kitchen and it had not.

After the initial mess we got to installing Carter’s new air conditioner. That was a job, but we did it. Now we have cool air and I am going to sleep to be up at 5:00 tomorrow to head home.

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