Good Home Cooks

I am so thankful for the other cooks I live with. Today I did not prepare one meal. Russ and Carter were on Asian kicks so they made chicken dumplings at lunch time and froze the majority of their output for future cravings. And then Russ used the leftover dumpling filling in fried rice for dinner.

It was so cute to see Russ and Carter sitting together at the dining room table crimping their dumplings. It is nice that we don’t have to worry about going out to satisfy a craving and who doesn’t crave dumplings?

Carter cooked up a few for us to enjoy and even made a delicious dipping sauce. No dumplings in Durham could beat them.

Russ got out his old college wok for making the fried rice. He chopped up every old bit of vegetable he thought needed using up, except zucchini, which he refused to consider. Too bad, I like it in fried rice and we certainly have plenty to use up.

I was not going to complain since I did not have to do any of the cooking, or even the cleaning. How I lucked out of that I will never know. Sadly this is our last Saturday with Carter home as I am taking back to Boston next weekend. Russ is going to have a less varied diet without Carter here. I am already sad, but have cherished this special time to have her home for so long.

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