Shay’s the Only One

During these last four months Russ has gone into his empty office once a week to water the plants. Sometimes Carter with go with him. Once Russ and I met our friends there and had a socially distant lunch. Mostly it is just a Russ, watering the thirsty plants.

Today Shay and I went with Russ. The campus is still empty. The man made river is turned off making the complex eerily quiet. The parking garage is sparsely filled. The building is locked and Russ is only able to get in what his card key. No one is in the lobby. There is no waiting for an elevator as no one is using them.

Russ, Shay and I get in the “magic room,” as we call the elevator and than Shay is allowed to have her leash removed. The door opens on the fourth floor and she runs around the corner to the door of CMG. She prances outside the glass door, awaiting Russ to come and unlock it for her. She scrambles inside and slides the length of the wood floor of the big giant room.

Shay is thrilled to be out and about, even if it is just alone with us. We water the plants and Shay pretends other CMG team members are there to pet her and play. It takes only minutes to complete the needed tasks and we are back in the magic room. Back in the car and off to home to stay safe and alone. A once a week outing to the old life is short.

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