Carter Channels Her Frustration For Good

Watching what is happening in America is difficult for us all. I don’t have any answers besides voting when my adult child asks me how we can fix things. For a twenty something this is no where near enough action and for a fifty something I agree with her. I am frustrated too. I can only imagine that as white people of privilege if we feel frustrated that it is only one millionth of what African Americans are feeling. I can never put myself in their shoes, but I still have empathy and wants things to be better.

Late last night Carter posted something on Instagram that is her way of helping. She has decided to raise money for Black Lives Matter by running every weekday at 5:30. Running is not something anyone in our family is very good at. Carter started running last week just for her mental and physical health. As she felt that it was helping her she decided to use it as a platform to help others. You can watch her late night deceleration on Facebook at Carter Lange if you are friends with her.

This is the video from Carter’s Facebook announcement.

You can watch her progress on Instagram @Carterlangeruns.

This is just the image from her instagram.

I am incredibly proud of her for finding her own way to do something. Nothing is going to improve if we each don’t do whatever we can. Speaking up and taking action is always how things have changed in this country.

So good luck to Carter with the early morning runs. She already has gotten pledges and donations from a wide ranging group of friends. In our house we know that enlisting the help of your friends to attain a goal helps you stick with it. Little steps add up.

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