Fat Tuesday for Good

It’s a busy day in Durham. How do I know? It took forever to get downtown for Russ and I to get to a Planned Parenthood event at the Rick House. The Donna Summer musical is at DPAC and we had to drive through those people trying to park. Just as we got past DPAC we ran into a huge parade of twinkling light wearing people marching from the Bull towards Central. Turns out it was a Mardi Gras Parade. Since we were going in the same vernal direction we turned away from the parade and made a detour. At last we reached the Rick House, but all the businesses around it were also full of party goers.

Our friend Michelle Berrey is on the board of the South Atlantic Planned Parenthood and invited us to join her and her husband Richard at this fun event. Chefs from all around the area donated their time and food to support women’s health services.

Planned Parenthood provides important services that need protecting while men in Washington have done everything to defund Planned Parenthood. What these men tend to forget is they all were born to women who needed prenatal care.

Given all the fun options in Durham tonight I was happy that we pushed through the crowds to support Planned Parenthood.

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