No Cone Sleeping

First I must confess that we are the kind of people who let out dog sleep on our bed. She is small, doesn’t shed and is a lovey. I know the world is divided up between those who make the dog sleep in the mud room and those who let her sleep on the bed and we are the bad kind of puppy parents.

Usually this is not an issue. She snuggles with her chosen human and even moves beds when one person leaves one bed to go sleep in another. Well, as long as that human leaves before five AM. After five she stays put in her original bed.

Yesterday Shay developed a bad hot spot on her left flank. These things always start on weekend when her vet is closed. It was a bad one, so we bought her a flexible cone to keep her from licking at her hot spot. The cone was fine while Shay was up and about, but come bed time she was a mess.

Russ migrated beds early leaving Shay with me. The only problem is Shay could not get comfortable and she moved around the whole bed from ten until one in the morning. When I couldn’t take it anymore I took the cone off and she left and went to sleep with Russ. After all the trouble I endured you would have thought she might stay with me.

Thankfully this morning the vet saw her. We put the cone back on for the daytime, but the vet said she did not have to sleep in it. Good thing since she could not sleep in it. Besides the regular antibiotics and anti-itch meds we also got a mild sedative so she can sleep tonight. I should have asked for one for myself. After last night I need a good solid night’s sleep tonight.

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