First Cone of Shame

It never fails that Shay gets a hot spot on a Sunday when the vet is closed. She had been acting strangely yesterday, but we didn’t notice where she was licking the hair off a place on her backside until it was raw. I sent Russ to buy her a cone of shame after Church today.

Shay has never had to wear a cone before so she didn’t find us putting it on her, but once it was on she looked at us as if we betrayed her. I tried to tell her is was a softer cone with windows for peripheral vision than most, but she wasn’t having any of it.

Shay kept running into walls as she tried her best to navigate the house. Between the hot spot and the cone getting comfortable was not easy for her. The only good thing is she had no trouble eating her food as the cone fit over her whole bowl.

Morning can’t come fast enough for me to call the vet and get Shay seen. Being a puppy Mom is normally joyful, but sometimes it is hard when you can’t explain why you appear to be torturing her.

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