Today was a day that I did a lot of number crunching, writing and meeting about financial things for organizations and thus did nothing fun, nor productive for myself or my family. I am not begrudging my work on behalf of others, just feeling guilty for what I consider to be a lack of productivity. It’s that Protestant work ethic thing, which is misnamed because I think most religious communities encourage hard work on behalf of others.

Anyway, by the time I got home around seven from my last meeting I was tired and went up to my bedroom to change into soft clothes. My house was perfectly clean, everything in sight was in its rightful place, I had nothing to feel too guilty about for not doing any house work today.

That fantastical thought was totally dispelled when I opened my closet to hang up my clothes. There strewn across the floor of my little closet were all the shoes I wear regularly in a jumble. I looked up on the wall of the closet and there in perfect order are my perfectly organized never worn shoes.

This is insane I thought. I have racked shoes that I have not even tried on to consider wearing taking up the prime real estate in my high rent area of my closet and the tried and true always go to shoes I wear weekly are thrown in a pile, mixed up together. Tomorrow first thing I am going to make a change.

I am removing all the never worn shoes and am going to do something with them, give them away, sell them, donate them, anything but allow them to live in a beloved state they don’t deserve. Then I am going to take my comfy, go-to pairs and elevate them to a place of honor on the rack.

I think this is a common occurrence for me. I need to consider what I cherish and discard what is realy unimportant. I need to value things for not what they cost, but for the joy they bring. I may not have actually been productive today, but I did achieve clarity and there is something to that.

2 Comments on “Clarity”

  1. Mary Pickard says:

    I value and cherish having you in my life. Thank you for all you do. Mary.

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