Don’t Preempt Regular TV

A touch of winter finally came to North Carolina after we have had spring for the last eight weeks. The snow paranoids came out if full strength even though the temperature was 39 when the snow started falling at 4:30. The ground was so warm that despite snowing for the last three hours nothing is sticking to the roads. This constitutes a rain event to me.

Yes, the grass is white, but no shoveling is needed since every hard surface is just wet. Given this situation it is fine for everyone to stay home and eat all the bread, eggs and milk they went to the store to buy. They will be fine since they have at least a dozen rolls of toilet paper that they picked up with the bread.

I went out at five to get my nails done. Driving was not an issue going or coming home. While I was out I thought I should pick up some lemons for the soup I made earlier in the day. Thank goodness for the express lanes. There was only one man in front of me because we were the only people not stocking up for the “snow storm” and I use that term loosely. He was buying emergency olives. I guess he already had vodka for martinis. Some people don’t think French toast when the weather man says we are getting snow.

Russ and I met up at home and enjoyed the soup I made for dinner, except for one thing that really makes me crazy here. The local TV station preempted the National News and Jeopardy to run local snow coverage. What the F$&#! It’s not even sticking. Show us what is going on in the real world.

It’s not a weather emergency. No hurricane is coming in. There are no tornadoes. It is at most two inches of snow and that is only on the grass. Please God, shake some sense into the local TV stations.

Just to prove how unimportant this is as a weather issue they just spent two minutes showing people how to make snow cream.

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