Recovered for My Friends David and John

There are some days you just have to be well for and today was one of them. Four or five months ago my friend of 35 years, JohnMcLarty called and asked if he and my friend David, friend of just 32 years, could come and visit and go to see an Opera Recital on this day. Of course I said yes. John and David had told us about this tenor Lawrence Brownlee whom they follow all over the world, so we got tickets.

When I got sick in Boston my first thought was of this long planned visit from John and David and would I be well enough for it. Thankfully they were not staying with me since John works for Hilton and they love hotels. The plan was for me to pick them up today at 2 and come back to my house, then to dinner with Russ and the concert in Raliegh.

I was not 100 percent this morning so I laid low, ate a little apple sauce and saw how I was doing. I was beginning to feel better, but did not want to push myself and relapse. I had a little chicken broth and I thought, I’m good.

John and David are like brothers to me. They came and played with Shay and we talked and I knew I was fine, but I still kept my distance from them for their own sake. We had dinner at the irregardless cafe and Russ made it on time to join us. There was a lovely girl singing there tonight and that was a good warm up for us. I ate some real food and all was good.

We went off to the Fletcher to hear Lawrence. It was a heavy show of German in the first half and the English half was called Cycles of my Being, a very atonal and dark group of works. He is a fabulous tenor, but it was not an uplifting performance. Lawrence did two happy encores which lifted the spirits in the audience.

I dropped John and David off at their airport hotel as they have an early flight and all too quickly our little visit was over. With it being such a short one I am so happy that I recovered just in the nick of time for it. Now they just have to come back for a longer visit with some happier music.

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