The Oscars

Tonight is the super bowl for non sports lovers. You could be an actual movie lover and tonight is your night. You could be a fashion lover and tonight’s your night. You could be a celebrity watcher and tonight’s your night. Or you could be a betting fanatic and tonight’s a big night for you.

I have always loved the Academy Awards since I was a little girl. I have loved movies and movie starts and competition. But I have so many questions about the Academy Awards which I wish they would answer at the show.

First, I know that the “Academy” votes for winners, but who picks the nominees? I think you are in the “Academy” if you won an Oscar, but are you in it if you just got nominated? Are there other people in it? How did they get in? Are you in for life, or is there a time limit?

I would like some input for the order of the awards. They get you right up front by doing something big like supporting actress and actor, but then we have to sit through a lot of insider awards like Make up or cinematography before we learn who the winners are for the categories most of us care about. So many years I have fallen asleep before the best Picture is handed out. Not that it matters by that point.

I think the nominees should have to audition their acceptance speeches and the one with the most entertaining speech can win. That would make the show so much better.

I do enjoy the red carpet, but I am interested in some of the behind the scenes things like, how many handlers does each Star have? How long did they have to wait in the limo line to get to the red carpet? It would be interesting to know how many hairdressers are imported into Hollywood for the academy awards. There should be an awards show for getting the stars ready for the show. Maybe they could do a TV show following all the best actress nominees the weeks before the show and show us what they go through to get ready for tonight.

I know I am not going to learn any of these things tonight. I just hope for some interesting speeches and maybe a surprise or two in the winners.

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