The Travel App I Wish Existed

Today I have spent almost all day trying to plan a little trip for Russ and myself. Russ has not taken a vacation in so long. He just lets me go on vacation and that has got to stop. Given that he can hardly stop working I am not looking for a long vacation, just four days. When something is that short you want to spend as little time traveling and maximize your time being there.

Since I am flexible I am looking at late spring so I won’t be fighting spring breakers or summer vacationers. So far availability has not been an issue. The worst part of looking is trying to figure out if we can get short flights to a place and not such a long trip from the airport to the property, but not so close that we hear airplanes.

This is a life’s work. Just as soon as I find a cool location, like a jungle resort in Belize, by the time I figure out the transport I have spent 45 minutes researching and then discard it as an option because the travel is too horrible.

The App I would like is to be able to put in my home address and then tell the app, starting from here find me vacations including all the transport. The App could tell me how long the drive is to the airport, the flights, the transport to the property as well as describe the location and Activities and how far they are.

Trip advisor could add this feature. It is possible, but I know it would take a lot of work because it take me so long to do it myself.

My big time traveling sister spent a big part of today sending me suggestions. Seven email with hundreds of links later I still am not sure of where we might go. When the world is your oyster it is hard to narrow things down.

I am open to all suggestions, especially from locals here who might know if the trip part of the suggestion is easy. I guess I should have thought of this project months ago based on how long the planning is going to take me.

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