Sneaky Mah Jongg Birthday

My beautiful friend Anna is the most gracious hostess of all times. A few days ago she sent an email out inviting a few friends to come play Mah Jongg at her house tonight. “I’m just going to order in some dinner.”

Sounded casual and fun and I don’t need any excuse to play Mah Jongg, even though I also was playing in the morning too. What could be better than a two Mah Jongg day?

A follow up email said, “come at five we will play a little then break for dinner and play some more. If you want wine bring some.”

Sounds like just a game and a little dinner. Well, that is never the way things are with Anna. After we started playing it was revealed that is was our friend Carol’s birthday in two days. I knew this, but did not put together that this Mah Jongg might be a birthday celebration.

Then after some play and Chinese food, (which is of course the only kind of take out you wold eat at Anna’s) she announced we were celebrating Carol’s birthday and she had a beautiful cake from the best bakery, Meil BonBon. I had to pass on the cake, but was told it was divine.

Then in perfect Anna fashion she had party favors for us all of cook books from her friend and fabulous chef, Ann Willan.

It was just like Anna to sneak a birthday party into a Mah Jongg game like it was no big deal and it was the perfect way to celebrate Carol. So happy Birthday Carol. You are eternally young. And thanks to Anna for getting us all together and giving us such a fun night. It didn’t hurt that I had good tiles too.

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