Two Weeknight Parties in a Row

This can not become a habit, but I had another party tonight. I am too old to go to a party two weeknights in a row. Actually, I didn’t go to a party tonight, I hosted a dinner meeting of a ladies club I’m in for 50 people at my house. I’m not exactly sure if 50 showed up, but that was what I was told to prepare for. Technically I didn’t go to a party but stayed at a party my house, which is five times as hard as going to a party.

My darling friend Stephanie was the outgoing President of this club and asked me long ago we could have the meeting at my house. I would never say no to Stephanie because she has done so many wonderful things for me over the years. Turns out to have been a good day with Russ in Chicago.

I didn’t have to cook as Chef Paris Catered. I just had to heat stuff up and dress salad and set it out. I am thankful for my true reliable friends Sara and Lynn who jumped in to wash dishes. Everything was cleaned up and put away by 9:00 so it was not so hard on me.

Tomorrow night Russ will be home and he probably will not want to go out so I can finally have a regular night. I can’t keep up all this weeknight partying.

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