My Impeachment Watching Puzzles

I was working on my puzzle today when the Senate’s swearing in for the DJT impeachment came on the TV. I find it incredibly sad that in my adult life I will witness two impeachment trials. It shouldn’t quite be called a trial until we know if there is actually going to be evidence and witnesses.

In the Clinton impeachment the facts where not really in dispute. Clinton lied in relation to the Paula Jones sexual harassment case and then was also tried for obstruction of justice. The impeachment was to decide if that lie warranted being removed from office. One difference in Clinton’s impeachment case is his lie was about something personal and not something that affected the whole country. Yes, lying is wrong, but a majority of the Senators did not feel it warranted being removed from office after hearing a trial.

This impeachment is different because the facts of the case are not agreed upon. So it seems like the Senate “trial” is the perfect place to actually seek out the truth with evidence and witnesses, especially since the charges actually do affect the nation.

It will be interesting to see how many Senators who swore an oath today actually want to find out the truth. Because John Roberts is the judge and he is busy hearing cases at the Supreme Court in the morning the Impeachment hearing will be held in the afternoons. Senators are not allowed to have their phones or any electronic devices during the hearings and are supposed to sit quietly and listen, just like regular jurors.

I have just received my new 2000 piece puzzle Russ gave me for Christmas. I am planning on watching the hearings as much as I can while doing the puzzle during the boring parts. I am most interested in seeing which of the very old Senators fall asleep.

I don’t think for a minute 45 is going to be removed from office, even with overwhelming evidence, but I do hope the Senate actually hears the case and allows evidence. It is the way the founding fathers set up the system. Congress has already abdicated so much of its authority over to this President and that is the real crime. I hope a few of them have a spine and stand up for the constitution for which they took an oath to uphold.

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