Traditions of Christmasm

Early this morning I got a text from my friend Lane. “Think of you every Christmas.” With a photo of two hand written recipes of mine. I texted back, “How long ago did I give you those.” She replied it must have been twenty years and her daughter insists they have them as they have become their tradition. This is just one reason you should share your recipes with your friends. Don’t hoard what is good, but share it.

I went on to do the cooking for our a Christmas traditions. We always have the Toms over for Christmas eve dinner, although our menu varies from year to year. I also started prepping for Christmas lunch for tomorrow when my parents and one of my sisters, Janet will be coming to celebrate.

Since I am making beef tenderloin tomorrow I made horseradish sauce today. I have one question, who invented horseradish jars? They are always too small to fit a spoon into? Is there some reason they don’t want you to be able to get the stuff out of the bottle?

Carter helped by making the pastry shells for the fruit and lemon curd tarts. While Carter was occupying the kitchen I finished my Christmas puzzle. Then Ellis Toms came over to practice her scripture reading for Church tonight. Public speaking is not her favorite activity, but I gave her some lector tips and she practiced in front of me and then Carter.

After we had dinner we went to a church and Ellis was the best lector of the night. Carter said I was beaming watching Ellis, since She is my bonus daughter.

After a wonderful service that left me filled with the Christmas spirit we all came back to our house for dessert and lots of good stories.

Carter prepared her note for Santa with a cup of water an a note and drawing of a cookie and carrot. Santa said she couldn’t eat another thing, but Carter didn’t want to take her chances and leave nothing. The tradition of leaving a treat for Santa is a strong one.

I love all our Christmas traditions, mostly that we are together this year, no one is in the hospital and we can celebrate another happy year.

Wishing you peace, love and all the happiness of the season. I hope you have a cherished tradition that brings a smile to your face. Merry Christmas.

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