Winter Solstice

Four days before Christmas and Shay has all her fans home to spoil her rotten. Russ and Carter put the train up around the tree in record time. Actually Carter set it up and it worked at first try. Then Russ ran it around the tree over and over again. Shay doesn’t care much for the train, nor the real fire in the fire place. Too many strange noises for her.

So she sits in her chair while Russ lies on the sofa with his iPad. Carter occupies all the space in front of the fire place and I sit at my game table which is turned into a puzzle table, working on my Christmas puzzle Mary Lloyd gave me.

All the wrapping is done, and it is too early to cook for Christmas eve or a Christmas Day so I happily work on the puzzle and snuggle with Shay. The winter solstice was calm and cozy with carols playing through the house. At least tomorrow the days will begin to get a little bit longer as we await the big day. Tomorrow I can make the peppermint Ice Cream which will really signal Christmas is almost here. The only problem is I have to hide it from everyone until Christmas Eve.

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