Doodles are French First

Our dog is an Australian Labradoodle. Technically she is American since she was born in Raleigh. She is a 33rd generation labradoodle coming originally from Australia. Like all things Aussie she normally marches to her own drummer. And like most dogs she does not like clothes, costumes, hats, coats or any apparel. If we try and put a head band on her she shakes it right off. She is a little better with her Barbour coat, but that is only because it is so fancy.

Today Carter took her big crazy scarf and wrapped it around Shay. Shay loved it. She stood there and modeled the scarf, not once trying to get it off. She was a purely Parisian puppy.

She loved posing and showing off how cute she was in the warm, soft scarf. She threw off all her Australian heritage and fully embraced her Poodle roots. That French DNA is strong. I just hope she doesn’t take up smoking and having disdain for Americans.

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