Pensive Puppy

Is Shay pensive because Russ is not home, bored waiting for Santa or despondent because her haircut left her without any curls. I’d bet money it’s mostly about Russ, but her haircut definitely affects her mood.

She hangs her head a little lower as she creeps down the steps to go outside. She dashes to the back yard so no one sees her skinny legs. She curls up like a duck with her head tucked under her wing trying to stay warm without her furry coat.

I’m sorry she needed this drastic cut, but she had too many matts. If only she liked to be combed and brushed.

Don’t look so sad sweet girl. You can snuggle with Carter to stay warm and your curls will grow back soon., maybe not in time for Santa, but he doesn’t care. You are still on the good list.

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