Bitter Sweet Day

About seven years ago a young woman, Amy Beros, came to work in the Development Department of the Food Bank. She had come from a competitor of sorts, one that I did not have the best experience with. Despite having worked at this other organization she turned out to be a really good worker.

She came into the department in a junior role, supporting the VP of Development who was one of the best ones we had after a string of poor performers. I was all too aware of the struggles to find good people to work in development as I had sat on many committees when we would search for a new VP.

Amy made a good name for herself as she supported her boss and less than a year after she came to the Food Bank her boss was wooed away to his dream consulting job. This is one of the problems with good development people, they are some what rare and so they often are offered better jobs.

When Amy’s boss left we did a national search for a VP of Development. After months of interviewing and turning down people who were just not right our search firm suggested we look for a more junior person whom we could groom. That is when it dawned on us that we had a perfect junior person who we we already grooming so we promoted Amy.

It was the right move. She was able to attract and train practically a whole new department of super stars. She created programs for funding and consistently beat all her numbers. She was recognized nationally by Feeding America and asked to train other Food Banks in the Network. She was a super star.

So what happens to super stars in Development? They get stolen. Feeding America recognized that Amy would be more useful if she spent all her time teaching other a Food Banks in her ways so they made her an offer she could not refuse. It was a sad day for our Food Bank when she told Peter, our CEO of her job offer. It certainly was a feather in her cap and Feeding America is right, she can help everyone else.

So on this, her last day at our Food Bank, I say good bye to Amy Beros. She has grown from little star to bright and shining giant star. I know she will make us proud as she goes off to the mothership of a Feeding America. Amy will be missed, but she leaves behind a well oiled machine of talented people she has trained. Good luck Amy! I am very proud of you.

One Comment on “Bitter Sweet Day”

  1. marymoss1 says:

    It is very hard to say goodbye to people who have done their jobs well. Congrats to her!

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