Start of the Garden Club Season

If as a child you asked me if I was interesting in joining a garden club, I would have looked at you with a puzzled look. I don’t remember there being a garden club in my small town. The society type women of our town were all in the “Wilton historical society,” which us children called the “hysterical society.”

Garden club seemed like a very old fashioned southern thing. Perhaps it was that our growing season was short or that the best time for garden club would be the summer and women’s clubs didn’t meet in the summer as that is when women had their children home, leaving no time for “clubs.”

Years and years ago I was invited to join the Hope Valley Garden Club. I can’t remember who my original connection was to the club, but I happily accepted the invitation and it has been a joy to belong to ever since. I had first taken to gardening when I had my row house in Washington DC. With a completely fenced in back garden and no lawn mower I embraced the flower garden concept as much easier to maintain and more beautiful to look at.

I had a lovely patio and brick walkway with beds lining the sides of the garden. I put a fish pond in the back by the garage where the sun did not shine, making it difficult to grown much. The pond added a beautiful water fall sound that helped drown out the city noise. It was an oasis I came to adore.

I miss that fenced in perfect garden. The deer and the sheer size of my yard are making gardening not as much fun. Perhaps my older body adds to that problem too.

For our program at Garden Club to day local artist and friend Marjorie Pierson came and gave a talk about her nature photography and art. She inspired me to look at the things growing in my garden from a different perspective. Perhaps I will try and photograph the weeds growing in my driveway garden at dawn to see the beauty in them, rather than my failure. Thanks Marjorie for your inspiring talk and fabulous eye.

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