Not A Dog

Carter called today. Since she has been in Boston for three weeks I have hardly gotten a call. A text every few days seems to be all she has time for. The voice on the other end of the phone was high and excited. I anticipated some good news, a perfect score on a test perhaps?

“I got a fish today?” Her voice reminding me of a child at the state fair. For a second I thought she was having fish for dinner. No, it was more like the state Fair.

Carter had stopped at her flower store across the street from the mother church of the Christ Scientist, around the corner from her apartment. She has been a patron of this store for the last year, which is a little different than when I was in college as I don’t think I ever went in a florist. The store sells plants as well as cut flowers and Carter has discovered that one beautiful flower every couple of weeks is a great mood enhancer.

Today the store had beta fish in bowls with bamboo, which cleans the water for the fish. Missing her Shay at home Carter decided that she could swing the budget for a fish, but told the store owner she wasn’t going straight home as she was on her way to the gym. The owner told Carter she was open until 8:30 so that sealed the deal and Carter bought the fish and will introduce her to her new home tonight.

As Carter was relating this story to me she said, “I think I’ll name her Fluffy.” So now I have a grandfish named Fluffy. When I was Carter’s age I got a dog in college. Beau came from the shelter and never went to a vet for any check ups, but lived a charmed life as a college dog.

I am not going to say a word about a fish. It is a much easier pet than a dog.

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