Stop Pre-Empting Regular TV

I don’t remember the local news taking over their stations and running all weather related non-stop talking heads during weather incidents all the time last century. Maybe I did not watch as much TV because I had a job or a life, but now whenever there is the slightest potential for some weather event the local channels stop running regularly scheduled shows and just talk about the weather ALL THE TIME. It is enough to make you absolutely crazy.

Here is the big issue. If you have electricity and cable then the weather has not gotten bad enough for you to need 24 hour a day weather information. If you lost your power or cable you need the Information, but don’t have a way to get it. Either way, we don’t need 24 hour, non-stop reporting on where it is raining.

Hurricane Dorian is passing over the edge of North Carolina right now. That is not good, but it is also far from me and our local TV stations don’t broadcast that far east. We don’t really need to cancel the National news to show some local newbie reporter standing in the rain telling us it is raining. There is more going on in the world. Perhaps 45 had colored on something with another marker.

If you are stuck at home in bad weather you might want to watch something that takes your mind off that bad weather and all news on the weather is not that. Please play regular TV at least 75% of the time and give us the weather news when there actually is a change. I’d rather watch old Law and Order reruns than a 23rd rehash of the track of the storm. But please people, be safe out there, don’t go anywhere, stay glued to your TV and the heads will tell you when it is safe to leave.

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