Hero Dentists

When I was five I was climbing the chain link fence that separated our house in New Canaan and the Quinn’s house so I could play Batman, Robin and Cat women with the Quinn boy’s. It was an on going game where we would fly out of their tree house on the zip line and run around singing, “Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman.” Lyrics in the sixties we’re so precise.

This particular day as I was going across the fence that was at least two feet over my head, my blue Ked’s “Tenny pump” slipped and I hit my front tooth hard on the metal fence and chipped it. Thankfully it was still a baby tooth.

About eight years later on the school bus I fell forward and hit the big tooth replacement on the metal bar at the top of the seat and chipped that tooth again.

About ten years after that on New Year’s Eve my first year out of college I chipped the other front tooth on a champagne bottle. Thankfully I had enough champagne not to feel it that night, but the next morning was a different story. I had a wonderful dentist in DC and he came in on New Years Day and fixed my two chipped teeth with a revolutionary new product called bonding. He kept the parts of the teeth I still had and added new material on to shape perfect teeth.

Over the years the bonding eventually gives way and has to be replaced. Unfortunately it happened yesterday when I was walking in the airport to our gate to fly home. I looked like I live in a place without dentists, but thankfully it didn’t hurt.

This morning my wonderful dentist Dr. Wagoner fit me and rebonded my tooth before lunch. Thank goodness for good dentistry and good practices that work you in when it really is an emergency.

I don’t think I have ever met a dentist I don’t like. You all are heroes to me. I have given up climbing chain link fences and riding on school busses and drinking champagne, but I still need to walk places. I’m not sure how much more careful I can be, but I will try.

One Comment on “Hero Dentists”

  1. Gmail says:

    I am happy to hear Dr. Waggoner fixed you right up Dana! 😁

    Kathi Eason 919-824-6100 Please excuse any typos. Kathieason@gmail.com


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