Middler Year

For most of Carter’s high school friends this year is their Junior year. So many are going off to abroad programs or are planning on going in the spring. Carter’s path has been so different. She started abroad, and followed up in Boston with a second abroad program this summer. Since she is in a five year program, four of classes and one of Co-op’s working in real life jobs this year is a middler year.

Now that she is settled I am realizing that she is not going to be home much. She only gets two weeks at Christmas because Co-ops start the second of January. No spring break for working kids and the job goes until July or longer depending on her employer. It’s real life, living on your own, and working, except with the safety net of parents who help with rent.

Today we got to see her for a couple of hours before she was off to her school job. Russ utilized her apartment to work and I walked around Carter’s neighborhood. She has a beautiful reflecting pool and plenty of green space near by. Tomorrow classes start and I won’t hear a word, maybe a text. At least I know the things she will be seeing as she goes about her days. Her middler days.

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