Not Working as IKEA Furniture Assembler

The only reason Russ and I did unpacking and putting together stuff today was that Carter was at work. When she got a promotion at her school job this summer we didn’t know it meant that she would have no time before classes started. Thank goodness for her she has parents who like her.

Carter also only has one key to her apartment so Russ went over there early this morning and walked with her to school so he could get her key. He and I then had breakfast before resuming our work. I emptied all the boxes that had been delivered, which means 13 of fifteen. I put things away best I could, knowing that Carter would rearrange things once she saw what I had done.

Russ was on hardware and tech patrol. After a few hours of trying to get the WiFi working he called the company and sure enough they have to come and fix the connection. So no WiFi and he could not get the TV working since it runs through WiFi. So much for the tech portion of the program.

He did do an excellent job on hardware. Screwing so many things together that he has a big callous developing on his finger.

Carter came home in the afternoon to find we had put most everything except her clothes away. But Russ and Carter did build her bed with six drawers beneath it and so she has plenty of drawers and a big closet.

The thing that made the most difference were the drapes we got from IKEA. That was a Russ and Carter job, which first involved the purchase of a step stool. I know the Economy True Value down the street from Carter well. Besides WiFi and her missing boxes Carter just needs art on her very white walls. In time.

Russ and I finished work early and left Carter to have a little time to ourselves and a good dinner while she is catching up with a friend who has been awaiting her arrival back in Boston.

I am thrilled about Carter’s set up and it almost being done. I pray that her two boxes are found soon because I really don’t want to deal with that loss since it was a lot of shoes, boots and winter coats. At least there is no need for boots this week.

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