Moving, Moving, Moving

Apparently Russ and I snore in syncopation, this according to the recording Carter made of us at four in the morning in our hotel last night. None of us slept well in anticipation of today’s big move. Carter had gotten a message from the IKEA delivery service that her order of MANY boxes was coming between 9-1 and they would call her 30 minutes in advance. All fine except she was not going to have the key to her apartment until Noon.

Being experienced with delivery people I convinced Carter and Russ to go eat breakfast and hang it at the coffee shop down the street from her building. We were praying for a noon delivery. True to form Carter got a call from the guys that they were in front of her build at 9:45! So much for notice.

Thankfully the front door of the building was open due to all the moving in and moving out so we had the boxes carried up the flight of stairs to the hallway outside her door. Since we had no where to sit Russ started putting together the chairs from Carter’s new table and chair set. Thankfully Carter only had to go down the block to get her key so she went around 10:30 and was second in line.

Russ and I had a number of lovely conversations with other parents moving in and moving out. Everyone could not have been nicer. The minutes ticked by very slowly waiting for noon to come. Finally Carter came running up the stairs with her new key. After much wiggling we got the door open, but had to call the maintenance guy to come give Carter a different key that worked. Thankfully her apartment was clean and cuter than it had looked in photos.

The plan was for us to all put furniture together today while we waited for Carter’s 15 stored boxes which were to come between 4:30-7:00. Then tomorrow we were going to go shopping for the last things. While Russ and I waited for Carter to return with the key I looked up what time Costco opens tomorrow. Thank goodness I looked because it is closed on Labor Day.

This changed our whole plan. Russ remained in the apartment for the delivery and continued to kill himself putting together IKEA furniture. Carter and I drove out to IKEA, Costco and Home Depot where all of humanity was shopping. Most of the people at IKEA had obviously never been to one and wandered around with their mouths open unaware of other people, us, trying to speed through the store.

Carter and I did record shopping , spending the most amount of money in the least amount of time. We got back to Boston and unloaded the rental minivan which has been a godsend. Russ came out to the car to make the four trips of full arms with Carter. He could hardly walk at this point.

I drove car back to hotel and parked and walked back to the apartment for the fourth time today. I have had no trouble getting my steps, but my steps have been giving me trouble going up and down stairs.

The furniture putting together continued as we waited for Carter’s other boxes, they finally came 3 hours late and two boxes short. By then it was ten at night. Carter has a bed to sleep in so we left her in her own first apartment and walked back to the hotel, well Russ dragged me back.

Tomorrow we do it all again, but without Carter because she has training for her job from 8-1. Oh joys. I will sleep well tonight and hopefully will still be in syncopation with Russ. I just don’t know what we would have done without him.

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