Surprise Sunday

For the last seven years Lynn and I have been wanting to watch “Gone with the Wind” with our daughters. It kind of blew our minds that they never had seen it. So we set today as the day we would finally do it, but did not tell the girls.

Then my sister called to say she was going to have two hours before a flight out of RDU and wanted to come surprise Carter and have lunch with us. So I had to tell Carter that she needed to be free without giving away the surprise. So I told her we we going to watch the movie.

After church Russ and Carter were busy in the garage building me a drying rack for the cabinet doors I am going to be painting. Carter loves doing wood working so she gladly volunteered for this project. It was perfect because it kept her busy while I waited for Janet to drive up and surprise her.

True to form, when a big grey GMC Tucson pulled in the driveway Carter said, “Who in the world is stopping by now?” She might have used saltier language which also would be in keeping. It totally threw her off when my Sista J emerged from the driver’s seat. SURPRISE!

It was a short visit with a quick stop at Eastcut for lunch. They have a lovely seating area for dogs in the back and brought a dog bowl of water for Shay. I wish we had more time, but the surprise worked well.

As soon as Jan was off for the airport Lynn and Ellis showed up the movie. Not surprisingly Ellis and Carter found it too long and at 3 hours and forty five minutes I agree. But they didn’t love it like Lynn and I did, as we could recite practically every line in the movie.

After GWTW, we decided they needed to see Steel Magnolias as it is the 30th anniversary of that. I hope they like it as much as we do. I can’t promise another good surprise before the movie.

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