Puppy Protection Program

Shay is a pro at growing hair. Bald men around the county would like to know her secret for growing hair, fast and thick. The issue with such superior growth is it takes lots of grooming to keep it presentable. If she doesn’t get a regular coif it can get matted or in the case of very long growth turn into dread locks.

A doodle in dreads is fine for undercover work, but not very princess-like. Therefore, regular hairdos are a must for Shay. She is not a “pamper me all day” kind of girl, so grooming day is not one she looks forward too.

It used to be worst when she had to go to the groomer, but now she is so fancy she has a concierge groomer who comes to her. Since her hair was on the dead lock side and being summer, she got a close cut today. Her beard had also gotten a little long so I asked for it to be taken down a bit.

What emerged from her beauty session was a totally different dog. It is amazing how a change in hair cut can totally change one’s appearance. Shay is ready to go into the puppy protection program because she is practically unrecognizable. She might be moving to Indianapolis and getting a job at Walmart.

Thankfully she is the same lovable girl who adores her snake and blue puppy. I am just not going to walk her by and big plate glass windows because she might scare herself since she looks so different.

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