Good Neighborhood

The toughest commandment is not “thou shall not kill.” Not killing anyone is fairly easy. The truly hardest commandment is “love your neighbor as yourself.” Loving your neighbor is one thing, but as much as you love yourself, now you are talking impossible.

To help you follow that commandment you should follow the old saying that “good fences make good neighbors.” Let’s add one more cliche, “familiarity breeds contempt.”

Consider we have lived in the same house for 25 years we have seen our share of neighbors come and go. Some sadly, many happily. In the last ten years we have not gone one day without at least one of our neighbors doing major work on their house and along with that work comes the noise and annoyances of contractors around.

Suddenly, for the first time in a decade things are quite around here. My last backdoor neighbors have finished a major indoor and garden renovation. They have been very kind during their project, being aware of noise.

Now that they have finished they had a party last night to thank the neighbors for patience during their work and show us their glorious garden. It was a thoughtful way to end their project and one that was so fun for us neighbors. I didn’t have much time last night as I was running from one meeting to the party, but once I got there I had such a good time I stayed much longer than I had planned.

The gardens are so gorgeous and the neighbors had so much fun we told our hosts we are planning on gathering there at least once a quarter. It makes such a big difference to have such nice neighbors.

One Comment on “Good Neighborhood”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    We have been in our house for 42 years and have done our share of additions etc.. what a great idea to do a party. As we are now looking at moving to Croaisdale in the next 5 years or so perhaps I will look at a thank you and goodbye party to thank all my neighbors for putting up with our many additions.


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