My Next Year

After five very Presbyterian years my church’s congregation approved the last detail needed to build a new fellowship hall. The amount of work to get to that vote yesterday is hard to measure, but Dave Pottenger, Chris Tuttle and I had a huge sigh that we jumped that hurdle.

Now after five long years I have a fast four weeks to get the old fellowship hall emptied so we can begin the tear down. This is going to involve all the volunteers I am able to get as many groups store their “Stuff” or another word that begins with SH, in that building.

It is confirmed that my next year is going to be spent working on building this building, although I will not be the one picking up a hammer. This clean out is the hardest part.

If you go to Westminster and want to help with the great move out please let me know. The kind members of the La Nueva Church have volunteered to help which is so kind. This will be helpful for the actual moving, but many decisions and organizational things must get done first.

Watch this space as I post progress. It will be an exciting year and I am so thankful for all the people who have worked so hard to get us to this point. The new space is going to be so much better than the old. I think this means I will be doing some cooking in the new kitchen in the future, but first, where to keep 300 plates?

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