Father’s Day Honesty

Poor fathers. Your day is not close to the pampering that Mother’s Day is, at least not around here and I am guessing not at most houses. If someone has an amazing father’s day, I can bet that their wife had a doubly fabulous Mother’s Day.

Now this is no reflection on how much I love my father or what a great father Russ is too Carter. It is just the way it is. Last night I asked Russ if I could make him a special breakfast this morning. “No, I already set the coffee up and have a plan for the the egg bowl I want to make.” Then not only did he get up and make his own food so he could have it exactly the way he wanted, but he made my breakfast and brought it to me in bed.

I had told Russ his father’s day gift from me was my taking his shoes to be repaired. That is all the credit I could get since I used the money he earned to pay for fixing them. Then Carter told him we were giving him the gift he really wanted, a load of gravel for the driveway, with a card that said, “love you a ton.” Russ liked the joke, but Carter didn’t even realize she had made one.

Getting gravel is no gift at all. It is almost worst than giving your wife a vacuum. But around here, on father’s day that gift rates. Getting you old shoes fixed and some rocks, special day for sure.

As far as my own father goes I got him no gift at all. At 81 you just need to be getting rid of stuff, not accumulating it. I did call him to wish him happy Father’s Day and we had a good long talk about his health. Now that’s the gift I keep on giving.

Sorry father’s for not making such a huge deal about your day. Nothing can compare to growing a baby in your belly for nine months and then pushing it out. Us Mother’s milk that our whole lives. Yeah, I know you go work everyday and provide for everything everyday, for the rest of our lives as well as being great father’s. Maybe we should give you a “good providers day.” Then you might get the celebration you deserve.

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